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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit
New Hope Center

1521 Mail Service Center (MAIL)
Raleigh, 27699-1521

4101 Capital Blvd. (DELIVERY)
Raleigh, NC 27604

GIS Help Desk

     ManagerJohn Farley, GISP, CPM
          B&T Apps. AnalystKathi Cotney
          B&T Apps. AnalystRyan Arthur
          Data Conversion Group 
               B&T Apps. SpecialistErin Lesh
                    B&T Apps. AnalystAmity Little
                    Technology Support AnalystRyan Koschatzky
                    Engineering TechnicianMike Wittmer
                    Technology Support AnalystNiklas Zisk
                    Engineering TechnicianLori Mann
                    Engineering TechnicianGlendora Fahnestock-Sutton
                    Engineering TechnicianCharles Tew
          Data Management Group 
               B&T Apps SpecialistSarah Wray
                    B&T Apps. AnalystRay Chilcote, GISP, PG
                    B&T Apps AnalystJean Hannon
                    B&T Apps AnalystAustin Chamberlain
                    B&T Apps. AnalystChelsea Duncan
          Application Development Group 
               B&T Apps. SpecialistMary Ellen Perko
                    B&T Apps. AnalystPhil Pollard
                    B&T Apps. AnalystJeremy Aycock
          Spatial Analysis Group 
               B&T Apps. SpecialistChris Tilley
                    B&T Apps. AnalystBrooke Boyle
                    B&T Apps. AnalystMike Schoen
                    B&T Apps. AnalystEmmanuel Matata
                    B&T Apps. AnalystLaura Gibson
                    Technology Support AnalystCathy Cole
          Application Services Group 
               B&T Apps. SpecialistJun Wu, PhD
                    B&T Apps SpecialistRobert W. McKitrick, Jr.
                    B&T Apps. Specialist-Vacant-
                    B&T Apps. SpecialistAllan Axon
                    B&T Apps. AnalystNeeta Chokshi
                    B&T Apps. AnalystEdward Shipman
                    B&T Apps. TechnicianJoe Jeskiewicz
                    B&T Apps. TechnicianLeo Martin
          GIS Unit Contractors 
               ContractorJustin Hollenbach
               ContractorSuresh Ojili
               ContractorYouliang Qiu
               ContractorAbhijit Raikhelkar
               ContractorChirag Danech
               ContractorTim Sheldon

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