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Table of Content

Accounting Operations & Budget
Aesthetic Engineering Section (Jeff Lackey)
Alternative Delivery
Attorney General Unit
Attorney General's Office
Business Operations
Business Opportunity & Workforce Development (BOWD)
Chief Deputy Commissioner Portia Manley
Chief Operating Officer
Communications Office
Construction Unit
Contract Standards and Development
Customer Compliance Services
Department of Transportation
Deputy Secretary for Business Administration
Deputy Secretary for Multi-Modal Transportation
Director of Financial Oversight and Improvement
Division Bridge Program
Division Design/Construct
Division of Aviation
Division of Highways
Division of Motor Vehicles
Division of Planning & Programming
DM-STIP Program
Engineering Application Services
Engineering Applications Development
Enterprise Applications (EBS/SAP)
Environmental Analysis Unit
Environmental Policy Unit
Erosion Control Engineering Section
Facilities Management Unit
Feasibility Studies Unit
Federal Highway Administration -- NC Division (FHWA)
Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration
Ferry Division
Field Support
Finance Unit
Financial Management Division
Fleet and Material Management
General Counsel
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Unit
Geotechnical Engineering Unit
Global Transpark Authority
Governance Office
Highway Division 1
Highway Division 2
Highway Division 3
Highway Division 4
Highway Division 5
Highway Division 6
Highway Division 7
Highway Division 8
Highway Division 9
Highway Division 10
Highway Division 11
Highway Division 12
Highway Division 13
Highway Division 14
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) / Minority Institutions of Higher Education (MIHE)
Human Resources
Hydraulics Unit
Information Technology
INTEGRATED MOBILITY DIVISION (Public Transportation and Bike/Ped)
Interstate Maintenance Unit
Landscape Design & Development Section
Letting and Compliance Systems (LCS)
License and Theft Bureau
Litter Management Section
Location & Surveys Unit
Maintenance Operations and Fleet Management
Manufactured Products
Material Management
Materials & Tests Unit
Metropolitan Planning Organizations - MPO
NCDOT CADD Integration Team
NCDOT External Partners
Office of Civil Rights (OCR)
Office of Inspector General
Office of Strategic Initiatives & Program Support
Office of Strategic Planning and Programming
Operations Program Management
Oversize/Overweight Permit
Photogrammetry Unit
Ports Authority
Project Management
Project Management Unit
Purchasing Section
Rail Division
Research and Development
Rest Area Engineering Section
Right Of Way Unit
Roadside Environmental Unit
Roadside Vegetation Management Section (Kevin Clemmer)
Roadway Design Unit
Rural Planning Organizations - RPO
Safety & Risk Management
Sandhills MPO
Scenic Byways (Kyle Cooper, RLA)
Secretary of Transportation
State Maintenance Operations
STIP Central Region
STIP Eastern Region
STIP Western Region
Structures Management Unit
Support Services
Technical Services Unit
Traffic Management Unit
Traffic Safety Systems Section
Training Development Unit
Transportation Mobility and Safety
Transportation Planning Division
Transportation Systems Management & Operations
Turnpike Authority
Utilities Unit
Value Management
Vessel Asset Management
Wetland Vegetation & Precision Mapping Section (Matt Green)
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