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Transportation Planning Unit
     Deputy DirectorAlena R. Cook, PE, CPM
          Coastal Plains Group SupervisorBehshad M. Norowzi, CPM
               Transportation Engineer IIIHemal Shah
               Transportation Engineer IIINazia Sarder
               Transportation Engineer IIAmanda B. Killian, EI
               Transportation Engineer II- Vacant -
               Transportation Engineer IMichael A. Raynor
          Eastern Piedmont Group Supervisor- Vacant -
               Transportation Engineer IIIJulie E. Bogle, PE
               Transportation Engineer IIIPhil Geary, PE
               Transportation Engineer IIAshley, PE, CFM Rodgers
               Transportation Engineer IILiamcy Hogan-Rivera
               Transportation Engineer IICarlos E. Moya-Astudillo, EI
               Transportation Engineer ISamjhana Khakurel
          Western Piedmont Group SupervisorJohn A. (Andy) Bailey
               Transportation Engineer IIIMichael Abuya, EI
               Transportation Engineer IIIRoger I. Castillo Santamaria, PE
               Transportation Engineer IIIPam R. Cook, PE
               Transportation Engineer IIEmily L. Stupka
               Transportation Engineer IISangwoo (Marty) Sung, PhD
               Transportation Engineer ITemilope M Animashaun
          Mountains Group SupervisorJames H. Upchurch
               Transportation Engineer IIIReuben Q Crummy
               Transportation Engineer IIIDaniel Cooper Sellers, PE
               Transportation Engineer IMichael J. Curcio
               Transportation Engineer IGerald M. Carter
               Transportation Engineer IEvan R. O'Keefe

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