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Transportation Planning Unit
     Deputy DirectorAlena R. Cook, PE, CPM
          MPO/RPO CoordinatorDaryl Vreeland, AICP
          Coastal Plains Group SupervisorBehshad M. Norowzi, CPM
               Transportation Engineer IIIHemal Shah
               Transportation Engineer IIINazia Sarder
               Transportation Engineer IIAmanda B. Killian, EI
               Transportation Engineer II-Vacant-
               Transportation Engineer ISangwoo Sung
          Eastern Piedmont Group SupervisorScott Walston, PE, CPM
               Transportation Engineer IIIJulie E. Bogle, PE
               Transportation Engineer IIIPhil Geary, PE
               Transportation Engineer IINatasha E Henderson
               Transportation Engineer IILiamcy Hogan-Rivera
               Transportation Engineer IICarlos E. Moya-Astudillo, EI
               Transportation Engineer I- Vacant -
          Western Piedmont Group SupervisorJohn A. (Andy) Bailey
               Transportation Engineer IIIMichael Abuya, EI
               Transportation Engineer III- Vacant -
               Transportation Engineer IIIPam R. Cook, PE
               Transportation Engineer IIRoger I. Castillo Santamaria, PE
               Transportation Engineer II - Vacant -
               Transportation Engineer IEmily L. Stupka
          Mountains Group SupervisorJames H. Upchurch
               Transportation Engineer IIIReuben Q Crummy
               Transportation Engineer IIIDaniel Cooper Sellers, PE
               Transportation Engineer II- Vacant -
               Transportation Engineer IGerald M. Carter
               Transportation Engineer IEvan R. O'Keefe

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