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DMV Systems
1020 Birch Ridge Dr
Century Center
Bldg B; 1B2:B4
Raleigh, NC 27610
     DMV Systems DirectorRena E. Henry, PMP
          Business Systems AnalystTracy Rice
          Administrative Specialist ILeslie B. Cromwell
          IT Project ManagerJeff Aida
               Project ManagerCarmen Spruill
                    B&TA SpecialistPerry Dunstan
                    B&TA Specialist- Vacant -
                    B&TA AnalystSteven Taylor
                    B&TA AnalystRamakrishna Katuru
                    B&TA AnalystGene Lane
                    B&TA AnalystSunita Pal
                    B&TA AnalystDanique M. Ferrell
                    B&TA AnalystTom Vrnak
                    B&TA AnalystEric Devitt
                    B&TA AnalystBruce Boaz
               Fuel Tax Compliance System 
               Project Manager-Vacant-
                    B&TA AnalystYancey Newell
                    B&TA Analyst-Vacant
               Notice, Storage, and Theft System 
                    B&TA Analyst- - Vacant -
          Enforcement Systems 
          Enterprise Application Services 
          Motor Carrier Services/LITES/Traffic Records Systems 
          State Titling and Registration System 
          State Automated Drivers License System 

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