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Roadway Design Unit
1582 Mail Service Center (MAIL)
Raleigh, NC 27699-1582
1000 Birch Ridge Drive (DELIVERY)
Raleigh, NC 27610
FAX: (919)250-4036
     State Roadway Design Engineer - Engineer Manager IITatia L. White, PE, PLS, CPM
          Engineer IIIShannon L. Macon
          Administrative Specialist IIJennifer J. Sizemore
     Design Development & Support Group Lead - Engineer Manager I
        Divisions 1 - 6 & 8
Jordan A. Woodard, PE
          Team Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIHan C. Nguyen, PE
               Engineer IIIKristen A. Maloney
               Engineer IIKevin D. Aldridge
               Engineer II- Vacant -
               Engineer IMatthew Moss
          Team Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIDoug Kretchman, PE
               Engineer IIIRonald L. Cribbs
               Engineer IIEric T Cabbell, PE
               Engineer I- Vacant -
     Design Development & Support Group Lead - Engineer Manager I
        Divisions 7 & 9 - 14
David J. Clodgo, PE, PMP
          Team Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIMatthew B Copple, PE
               Engineer IIIRyan J. Demuynck
               Engineer IIJames Grimes, PE
               Engineer II- Vacant -
               Engineer ILeverett (Ty) T. Smith
          Team Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIPiotr J. Stojda
               Engineer IIIBrian Robinson
               Engineer IITaha Nasiruddin
               Engineer IIChristian St. Clare
               Engineer IArely D. Velazquez
     Specialty Functions and Support Services Group Lead - Engineer Manager IMichael D. Lindgren, PE
          Lighting and Electrical Team Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIR. Greg Hall
               Engineer IIINathan P. Dominguez, PE
               Engineer IIShaheen A. Malik
               Engineer IIL. Alec Brown
               Engineer ISubir K. Saha
               Engineer IMujtaba (Taba) S. Quadri
               Engineer I (Temporary)- Vacant -
          Support Services Section Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIIJason Moore, PE
               Engineer IIIS. Oak Thammavong
               Engineer IIIJulanar H Al-Janabi, PE
               Engineer IICraig S. Mozingo
               Engineer IJames Tortorella
          Research, Standards & Innovation Team Lead - Engineer Supervisor IIISherri E. Calhoun, PE
               Engineer IIIDev Sharma
               Engineer IILily A. Cloud
               Engineer IIFrancis Hernandez
               Engineer I- Vacant -

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