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Photogrammetry Unit
1585 Mail Service Center (MAIL)
Raleigh, 27699-1585
1020 Birch Ridge Drive (DELIVERY)
Raleigh, 27610
Main Number: (919) 707-7090
Aerial Imagery Library Number: (919) 707-7114
FAX: (919)250-4176
     State Photogrammetric EngineerRichard Greene, Phd, PE, PLS
          Assistant State Photogrammetric EngineerNick Short, PE, PLS
               Administrative Specialist IIKayren Williamson
               Photogrammetric Computer Support Engineer IIBobbie G. Neal
               Group 1 
                    Photogrammetric Engineering Supervisor IIRodney Hough, PLS
                         Technical Support Engineering Specialist II - Vacant -
                         Data Support Engineering Technician IIIRoderick Mitchell
               Group 1 Squad 1 
                    Photogrammetric Engineering Supervisor ICharles Lee
                         Photogrammetric Engineer IIJacob Blevins
                         Photogrammetric Engineer IIbelise Ledesma
                         Engineering Specialist IStan McRobie
                         Engineering Technician IIIRachael K. Delaney
                         Engineering Technician I- Vacant -
               Group 1 Squad 2 
                    Photogrammetric Engineering Supervisor I - Vacant -
                    Photogrammetric Engineer IIThomas Kelly
                    Photogrammetric Engineer IJacqueline Speir
                    Engineering Specialist IMichael R. Watson
                    Engineering Technician III- Vacant -
                    Engineering Technician IRyan J. Terrell
               Group 2 
                    Photogrammetric Engineering Supervisor IIDonald E. Early, Jr.
                         Technical Support Engineering Specialist IINelson Holden
                         Technical Support Engineering Technician III- Vacant -
                         Technical Support Engineer IMarc Swartz
               Group 2 Squad 1 
                    Photogrammetric Engineering Supervisor IRodney Stancil
                         Photogrammetric Engineer IISerena MO Moody
                         Photogrammetric Engineer IMonica B. Sadek
                         Engineering Specialist IJordan Pollard
                         Engineering Technician IIIJacob G. Baldwin
                         Engineering Technician I - Vacant -
               Group 2 Squad 2 
                    Photogrammetric Engineering Supervisor IMelissa A. Ray
                         Photogrammetric Engineer II- Vacant -
                         Photogrammetric Engineer IMatthew Macon
                         Engineering Specialist IScott Vincent
                         Engineering Technician IIIPaul D. Burgett
                         Engineering Technician ICierra A DellaRova
               Digital Image Acquisition & Reproduction 
                    Engineering Specialist II Eric Wade
                    Engineering Specialist II Donnie Griffin

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