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Highway Division 11
801 Statesville Rd
North Wilkesboro, 28659
FAX: (336)667-4549
Courier: 15-13-32
     Division EngineerMichael L. Poe, PE
          Executive AssistantKaren Prevette
          Computer AnalystRyan Norris
          Human Resources Technician IIISadie Schneider
               Administrative Associate IIDebbie York
               Human Resources Technician IDebra R. Vogel
          Business OfficerLisa York
          Safety ConsultantJustin N. Detter
          Safety Officer ICasey G. Church
          Division Construction EngineerIvan H. Dishman, PE
               Assistant Division Construction EngineerMatthew E. Evans, PE
                    District/Resident Engineer's Office - Elkin 
                    District/Resident Engineer's Office - Boone 
                    District/Resident Engineer's Office - North Wilkesboro 
               Division Environmental OfficerKevin Hining
               Division Bridge Program ManagerRob N. Weisz, PE
               Division Utility Coordinator - Vacant-
               Division 11 Right Of Way Office 
          Division Maintenance EngineerBrandon W Whitaker, PE
               Assistant Division Maintenance Engineer Brian K. Hamby, PE
                    County Maintenance Yard, Alleghany 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Ashe 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Avery 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Caldwell 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Surry 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Watauga 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Wilkes 
                    County Maintenance Yard, Yadkin 
                    Engineering Specialist IICaprice M Cheek
               Corridor Development EngineerDean Ledbetter
               Division Bridge Maintenance EngineerEthan Osborne, PE
                    Administrative Specialist IMartha S. Mendiola
                    Bridge Maintenance Supervisor
                       150 Northwood Dr.
                       Elkin, 28621
                       Counties: Surry, Yadkin
- Vacant -
                         Administrative Associate IISusan B. Freeman
                    Bridge Maintenance Supervisor
                       1989 NC Hwy 194 N
                       Boone, 28607
                       Counties: Avery, Watauga
David Scott
                         Administrative Associate II-Vacant-
                    Bridge Maintenance Supervisor
                       PO Box 250
                       303 Statesville Road
                       N. Wilkesboro, 28659
                       Counties: Wilkes, Caldwell
Andrew Glasco
                         Administrative Specialist IMartha S. Mendiola
                    Bridge Maintenance Supervisor
                       322 Northwest School Road
                       Warrensville, 28693
                       Counties: Ashe, Alleghany
Chad W. Cox
                         Administrative Associate II- Vacant -
               Division Equipment Unit 
               Division Traffic EngineerChris Brown
                    Deputy Division Traffic EngineerLeslie S Galloway
                         Asst. Div. Traffic Engineer-Vacant-
                         Transportation Technician IV - Traffic- Vacant -
               Traffic Services 
          Division Project Development EngineerRamie A Shaw, PE
               Division Utility EngineerBrandon Greer
               Division Project Team LeadDaniel R. Adams, PE
                    Division Design EngineerDesiree Hagwood
                         Asst. Div. Design EngineerGreg A. Kirby
                         Asst. Div. Design EngineerDonald Nance
                    Division Contract Engineer/Division 11 Title VI LiaisonBethany Elmore, PE
               Division Senior Planning EngineerSean Sizemore
               Division Project ManagerHeath Slaughter
               Division Roadside Environmental EngineerJamie Wood
                    Administrative Specialist I-Vacant-

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