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Highway Division 10
716 W Main St.
Albemarle, 28001

FAX: (704)982-3146
Courier: 03-21-01
     Division EngineerScott Cole, PE
          Administrative Secretary IIKim Rabon
          Division Safety EngineerRichard C. Thompson
               Safety Officer IIRyan R. Starnes
          Deputy Division EngineerBrett D. Canipe, PE
               District 1:Counties-Cabarrus & Stanly 
               District 2:Counties-Mecklenburg 
               District 3:Counties-Anson & Union 
          Business OfficerSarah Vang
               Accounting Tech IVCheryl K. Williams
          Technology Support AnalystSteve Greene
          Technology Support AnalystMichael Shepherd
          Director of Outreach and Community Affairs
             12033 East Independence Blvd
             Suite G
             Matthews, NC 28105
Warren Cooksey
          Communications OfficerJen Thompson
          HRTechnician IIMelody Eudy
               HR Technician I- Vacant -
               Processing Assistant IIIElizabeth Thompson
          Division Construction EngrRick W Baucom, PE
               Office Assistant IVTonya Holloway
               Construction Staff Engineer- Vacant -
               Information Processing TechnicianBecky Taylor
               Assistant Div. Contruction EngineerNat Hunter, PE
               Division Utility AgentMark Crump
               Division Utility Agent- Vacant -
               Super Resident Engineer's Office - Matthews 
               Division Bridge Program ManagerGarland Haywood, PE
               Environmental Supr IILarry Thompson, PWS, LSS
                    Environmental Specialist IIJoel Howard
               Division 10 Right Of Way Office 
          Division Maintenance EngineerJeffrey Littlefield, PE
               Assistant Division Maintenance EngineerBarrett Eatman
               HR Technician I Barbara Crawford
               County Maintenance Yard, Anson 
               County Maintenance Yard, Cabarrus 
               County Maintenance Yard, Mecklenburg 
               County Maintenance Yard, Stanly 
               County Maintenance Yard, Union 
               Bridge Maintenance 
               Interstate Maintenance Unit 
               Roadside Environmental 
               Traffic Engineering 
          Division Project Development EngineerTim Boland, PE
               DM-STIP Program EngineerCarl Gibilaro, PE
               DM-STIP Program EngineerTheo Ghitea, PE
               Division Project Team LeadSean Epperson, PE
                    DM-STIP Project ManagerDonald C Griffith
                    Assistant DM-STIP Project ManagerDustin Simpson
                    DM-STIP Project ManagerRandy Bowers
                    DM-STIP Project Manager
                       Independence Transportation Park Office
                       12033 East Independence Boulevard - Suite H
                       Matthews, NC 28105
Travis Preslar, PE
                    Assistant DM-STIP Project Manager
                       Independence Transportation Park Office
                       12033 East Independence Boulevard - Suite H
                       Matthews, NC 28105
Kimberly H Boik, P.E.
                    DM-STIP Project ManagerArt Hartzog
                    DM-STIP Project ManagerBrian Query
                    LAP Project ManagerTim Kirk, PE
                    Division Design/Construct 
               Division Project ManagerKellie Crump
                    Proposals EngineerTerry Burleson
                         Interstate Maintenance Project EngineerJohn Edmonds
                    Administrative Officer ICindy Iorlano
               Division Planning Engineer
                  Independence Transportation Park Office
                  12033 East Independence Boulevard - Suite F
                  Matthews, NC 28105
Stuart Basham

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