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Highway Division 5
2612 N. Duke Street
Durham, 27704
FAX: (919)317-4710
Courier: 17-27-03
     Division EngineerBrandon H. Jones, PE
          Executive Assistant ICarolyn McDonald
          HR Technician IIIAnita Dillon
          HR Technician IAlicia P. Ramsey
          HR Technician IDavid W Lucus II
          Division Safety ConsultantEddie C. Grooms
     Deputy Division EngineerTracy N Parrott, PE
          Division Planning Engineer
             1636 Gold Star Drive
             Raleigh, NC 27607
David Keilson, PE
          Administrative Associate IIJanelle Miller
          Business OfficerCheri A Jones
          Staff EngineerBrent Murdock
          Division 5 Right Of Way Office 
     Division Project Development EngineerBen Upshaw, PE
          Division Team LeadBeth Ann Quinn, PE
          Division Project Team 
          Administrative Specialist IIEthel L. Benkin
          Project Engineer - Planning & EnvironmentalChris Murray, SPWS
          Bridge Program Manager
             2612 North Duke Street
             Durham, NC 27704
             CS# 17-27-03
Lisa B. Gilchrist, EI
          Project ManagerVinod Korategere, PE
          Division Contract Engineer
             1020 Birch Ridge Drive (Delivery)
             Raleigh, NC 27610
             1573 Mail Service Center (Mail)
             Raleigh, NC 27699-1573
Mickey Biedell, PE
               Proposals EngineerLaTonya T. Heyward, PE
     Division Maintenance EngineerDoug R. McNeal, PE
          Administrative Specialist IMelissa E. Henderson
          Safety OfficerAbe Jones
          District 1 - Wake 
          District 2 - Durham, Granville, & Person 
          District 3 - Franklin, Vance, & Warren 
          Maintenance Operations Support Team 
          Assistant Division Maintenance EngineerJonathan Arnold, PE
               Durham County Maintenance  
               Franklin County Maintenance  
               Granville County Maintenance 
               Person County Maintenance 
               Vance County Maintenance  
               Wake County Maintenance 
               Warren County Maintenance 
          Assistant Division Maintenance EngineerJeremy L. Warren, PE
               Bridge Maintenance 
               Equipment Unit  
               Roadside Environmental  
               Division Traffic 
               Triangle Transportation Management Center  
     Division Construction EngineerMark Craig, PE
          Administrative Specialist ITeresa Goodwin
          Deputy Division Construction EngineerCameron Richards, PE
          Beryl Road Resident's Office 
          Century Center Resident's Office 
          District Drive Resident's Office  
          Durham Resident's Office 
          Youngsville Resident's Office 
          Construction Staff EngineerCasey C. Bowman
          Utility Coordinator Monroe Brown

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