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Highway Division 4
509 Ward Blvd.
PO Box 3165
Wilson, 27895
FAX: (252)234-6174
Courier: 01-53-26
     Division EngineerKeith Eason, PE
          Deputy Division EngineerAndy Brown, PE
          HR Technician IIIMelissa R. Harrison
               HR Technician IMelissa Newcomb
          Business OfficerDeidra Joyner
               Accounting TechnicianCindy B. Lamm
          Safety ConsultantDebbie Leonard, PhD
          Safety Officer IITracey Helms
          Division Construction EngineerCorey McLamb, PE
               Deputy Division Construction EngineerBrandon Herring, PE
               Administrative Specialist IAmanda Bill
               Division Utilities EngineerKyle A Pleasant
               Senior Division Utility Coordinator- Vacant -
               Resident Engineer's Office - Nashville 
               Resident Engineer's Office - Smithfield 
               District 1:Counties-Edgecombe, Halifax 
               District 2:Counties-Nash, Wilson 
               District 3:Counties-Johnston, Wayne 
          Division Maintenance EngineerChris Pendergraph, PE
               Asst. Division Maintenance EngineerJiles Harrell, PE
               County Maintenance Yard, Edgecombe 
               County Maintenance Yard, Halifax 
               County Maintenance Yard, Nash 
               County Maintenance Yard, Wilson 
               County Maintenance Yard, Johnston 
               County Maintenance Yard, Wayne 
               Bridge Maintenance EngineerJeremy B. Creech
                    Administrative Specialist IWendi R. Hawley
                    Bridge Maintenance Office - Edgecombe, Wilson 
                    Bridge Maintenance Office - Halifax 
                    Bridge Maintenance Office - Johnston 
                    Bridge Maintenance Office - Nash 
                    Bridge Maintenance Office - Wayne 
               Division Equipment Office 
               Div Roadside Environmental EngrSteven Adams
                    Administrative Specialist IKatherine M. Beasley
               Division LOGO/TODS Coordinator- Vacant -
               Division Traffic EngineerPaul Marak, PE
                    Administrative Specialist ISusan Tyson
                    Deputy Division Traffic EngineerTodd Lewis, PE
                         Assistant Division Traffic EngineerMark Manriquez
                    Traffic Services SupervisorMike W. May
                    Division Incident Management Engineer- Vacant -
          Division Project Development EngineerAddison Gainey, PE
               Division 4 Right of Way Office 
               Division Corridor Development EngineerJennifer Collins
               Division Planning EngineerJames M. Salmons, PLS
               Project Development and Environmental Engineer- Vacant -
               Engineering TechnicianDavid R. Beaman
               Project EngineerRussell Broadwell, PE
               Project EngineerDonald W. Edge
               Project EngineerRachel Evans, PE
               Project Team LeadChad Coggins
                    Division DDC EngineerDennis R Ethridge
                         Asst. Division DDC Engineer- Vacant -
                              DDC TechnicianScott Haddock
                    Division Contract EngineerVickie Gardner
                         Division Proposals EngineerMichael O. Grigsby
               Division Environmental OfficerGarry L Wright
               Division Bridge Program ManagerRandy A. Davis

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