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Highway Division 3
5501 Barbados Blvd.
Castle Hayne, NC 28429

FAX: (910)675-0143
Courier: 04-08-06
     Division EngineerD. Chad Kimes, PE
          Deputy Division EngineerCaitlin M. Melvin, PE
               Corridor Development EngineerMichelle N. Howes, PE
               Division Planning EngineerAdrienne M. Cox
               Business OfficerDeborah L. Robertson
                    Accounting TechnicianKelin Garcia
                    Administrative Associate IIGail B. Watson
               Division Safety ConsultantTracey D. Helms
                    Safety Officer
                       5501 Barados Blvd.
                       Castle Hayne, New Hanover County
Charles D. Lee
               Division GIS AnalystSean C. Farrell
               Facilities CoordinatorMichael E. Burke
          Executive Assistant ITracy Franklin
          HR Consultant IM. Anne Hatcher
          HR Technician IIIJamie G. Parker
          HR Technician I- Vacant -
          Technology Support Analyst
             707 W Wallace Street
             Burgaw, NC 28425
Kimberly H. Butts, (Kim)
          Division Project Development Engineer Katie Hite, PE, PTOE
               Assistant Project Development EngineerDavid B. Leonard, PE
               Division Project Team 
               Administrative Specialist IMaria Jackson
               PDEA EngineerT. Mason Herndon
               Division Environmental OfficerJon W. Giles
               Division Contract & Proposals EngineerJonathan W. Mitchell
               Contracts & Proposals 
               Division Project Development Staff EngineerAlan Pytcher
          Division Construction EngineerAnthony W Law
               Engineering Technician - AdvancedCharlene W. Dail
               Assistant Division Construction EngineerDaniel R Cumbo, PE
               Division Utility EngineerTimothy G Godwin
                    Senior Division Utility CoordinatorEric C Matuszewski
                    Division Utility CoordinatorRoy (Chris) Sutton
                    Division Utility CoordinatorJustin M Smith
               Division Resident EngineerDavid M. Sawyer
                    Project EngineerRon T. Van Cleef
                    Administrative Specialist IKaren L Hayes
                    Engineering Specialist I S. O'Neal Hill
                    Engineering Technician II- Vacant -
                    Engineering Technician IIIAlonzo S. Phillips
               District 1: Counties-Onslow, Pender 
               Resident Engineer's Office - Jacksonville 
               District 2: Counties-Duplin, Sampson 
               Resident Engineer's Office - Clinton 
               District 3: Counties-Brunswick, New Hanover 
               Resident Engineer's Office - Wilmington 
               Division 3 Right Of Way Office 
               Roadside Environmental Unit 
          Division Maintenance EngineerTrevor K. Carroll, PE
               Assistant Division Maintenance EngineerJessi L Leonard, PE
               Administrative Specialist IApril Lockamy
               Bridge Maintenance 
               Brunswick County 
               Duplin County 
               New Hanover County 
               Onslow County 
               Pender County 
               Sampson County 
               Traffic Services 
               Division Equipment Office 

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