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Division of Highways
RALEIGH NC 27699-1536

1 South Wilmington Street (Delivery)
Raleigh NC 27601
FAX: (919) 733-9428
Courier: 1536MSC
     Chief EngineerTim M. Little, PE
          Administrative OfficerAngela Stahl
          Eastern Deputy Chief EngineerRonnie Keeter, PE
               Divisions 1-6 & 8 
          Western Deputy Chief EngineerLouis M. Mitchell, PE
               Divisions 7 & 9-14 
          Transportation Mobility and Safety 
          Governance Office 
          Verified Claims EngineerMichelle G. Long, PE
          Deputy Chief EngineerChris Peoples, PE
               Administrative Secretary III- Vacant -
               Environmental Program AdvisorJamie S. Shern
               Business OfficerDarlene Yarborough
               Director of Field SupportLamar Sylvester, PE
                    Construction Unit 
                    Contract Standards and Development 
                    Materials & Tests Unit 
                    Right Of Way Unit 
               Director of Highway OperationsPatrick Norman, PE
                    State Transportation Asset ManagerRobert Barrier, PE
                    Staff EngineerOlivia L. Pilkington, PE
                    Staff EngineerRebecca Gallas, PE
                    Business System AnalystCheryl Barbour
                    Facilities Management Unit 
                    Maintenance Operations and Fleet Management 
                    Operations Program Management 
                    Roadside Environmental Unit 
                    Structures Management Unit  
                    Transportation Program Management Unit 
          Director of Technical Services
             1516 Mail Service Center
             Raleigh, NC 27699-1516
Christopher M. Werner, PE
               Assistant Director- Vacant -
               Administrative OfficerConnie D. Strickland
               Program AnalystTunya M. Smith
               Staff EngineerTerry Canales, PE
               Environmental Policy Unit 
               Environmental Analysis Unit 
               Geotechnical Engineering Unit 
               Hydraulics Unit 
               Location & Surveys Unit 
               Photogrammetry Unit 
               Professional Services Management Unit 
               Project Management Unit 
               Roadway Design Unit 
               Utilities Unit 

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