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Division of Highways
RALEIGH NC 27699-1536

1 South Wilmington Street (Delivery)
Raleigh NC 27601
FAX: (919) 733-9428
Courier: 1536MSC
     Chief EngineerChris Peoples, PE
          Administrative OfficerJessica Fidotta
          Executive AssistantYashica Mills-Hyman
          Eastern Deputy Chief EngineerKevin G. Bowen, PE
               Divisions 1-6 & 8 
          Western Deputy Chief EngineerMark T. Gibbs, PE
               Divisions 7 & 9-14 
          Transportation Mobility and Safety 
          Verified Claims Engineer- Vacant -
          Deputy Chief EngineerLamar Sylvester, PE
               Environmental Program Advisor- Vacant -
               Business Officer- Vacant -
               Administrative Officer IIStephanie G Hearn
               Director of Field SupportBoyd Tharrington, PE
                    DOH Program AnalystDelacy V. Bradsher
                    Construction Unit 
                    Contract Standards and Development 
                    Materials & Tests Unit 
                    Right Of Way Unit 
               Director of Highway OperationsKristin W. Barnes, PE
                    State Transportation Asset ManagerRobert Barrier, PE
                    Staff Engineer- Vacant -
                    Staff Engineer IIBen Chola
                    Business System AnalystKelsie Ballance
                    PT Business System AnalystRuby Darlene B Yarborough
                    Maintenance Operations and Fleet Management 
                    Operations Program Management 
                    Roadside Environmental Unit 
                    Structures Management Unit  
          Deputy Chief - Planning-Vacant-
               Accountant (Div 1 & 4)Kesha Smith
               Accountant (Div 2 & 3)Detra Johnson
               Accountant (Div 5 & 6)Cheryl Barbour
               Accountant (Div 7 & 9)Willie Bradwell, Jr.
               Accountant (Div 8 & 10)Sarah S. Vang
               Accountant (Div 11 & 12Lisa Travis
               Accountant (Div 13 & 14)Wanda Carver
          Director of Technical Services
             1516 Mail Service Center
             Raleigh, NC 27699-1516
Matt Clarke, PE
               Deputy Director- Vacant -
                    Geotechnical Engineering Unit 
                    Hydraulics Unit 
                    Professional Services Management Unit 
                    Roadway Design Unit 
                    Utilities Unit 
               Deputy DirectorDerrick G. Weaver, PE
                    Environmental Analysis Unit 
                    Environmental Policy Unit 
                    Location & Surveys Unit 
                    Photogrammetry Unit 
                    Project Management Unit 
               Administrative OfficerConnie D. Strickland
               Business Officer IDemorris N. Hukins
               Program & Process AnalystWendee B Smith
               Staff EngineerTerry Canales, PE
               Staff EngineerMatt N. Quesenberry

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