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ITS & Signals Management Section
1561 Mail Service Center (Mail)
Raleigh NC 27699-1561
750 N. Greenfield Parkway(Delivery)
Garner, NC 27529
FAX: (919)771-2745
     State ITS & Signals Management EngineerMatthew T. Carlisle, PE
          State ITS EngineerAlex D. Stewart, PE
               ITS Development & Design Project EngineerAndrew Skuce
                    Project Design EngineerLee E. Neal, EI
                    Design EngineerJohn Walden
                    Project Design EngineerBarrett Christian
               Signal Communications Project EngineerGregory A. Green
                    Project Design EngineerHeidi T. Berggren, EI
                    Design Engineer-Vacant-
               Metro Systems Project EngineerCynthia D. Muldrow, EI
                    Project Design EngineerWilliam B. Hairston, III
                    Design EngineerAdam J. Cool
          State Signal Equipment EngineerKeith M. Mims, PE
                    Signal Equipment Design Engineer IIID. Todd Joyce, PE
                    Signal Equipment Design Engineer IIIBernard A. Stouchko
                    Signal Equipment Design Engineer I- Vacant -
               Signal Equipment Project EngineerRyan W. Hough, PE
                    Signal Equipment Design Engineer IIJames T. Peterson
                    Signal Equipment Design Engineer IISarah G. Kirkpatrick
                    Signal Equipment Design Engineer IIZarrar Zafar
          Traffic Electronics Center
             1559 Mail Service Center (Mail)
             Raleigh, NC 27699-1559
          State Traffic Electronics EngineerJames E. Brock, Jr.
               Traffic Electronics Project EngineerJames O. Pittman
               Senior Traffic Electronics TechnicianDemorn D. Daniels
               Senior Traffic Electronics TechnicianRobbie Mercer
               Senior Traffic Electronics TechnicianTimothy S Langston
               Traffic Electronics TechnicianTinh D. Chung
               Traffic Electronics TechnicianM. Andy Carter
               Signal Equipment Applications EngineerKelvin J. Peele
               Product Qualification EngineerXiudong George Han, PE

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