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Federal Highway Administration -- NC Division (FHWA)

Federal Highway Administration -- NC Division (FHWA)
310 New Bern Avenue
Suite 410
Raleigh 27601-1418

FAX: (919)747-7030
     Division AdministratorJohn F. Sullivan, III, PE
          Assistant Division AdministratorEdward T. Parker
               Financial Manager - Vacant -
                    Computer SpecialistSteven Heubusch
                    Executive/Financial Assistant- Vacant -
                    Program/Financial AssistantDonna Reed
                    Financial Specialist PDPKevin Washington
               Quality CoordinatorDonna Dancausse
               Civil Rights Program ManagerLynise DeVance
               Preconstruction & Environment DirectorClarence Coleman, PE
                    Eastern Preconstruction & Environment Engineer (Merger Projects:Divisions 1-8)Felix Davila, PE
                    Community Planner/Engineer- Vacant -
                    Western Preconstruction & Environment Engineer (Merger Projects: Divisions 9-14)Donnie Brew
                    Realty OfficerMichael Dawson
               Operations EngineerBrad Hibbs, PE
                    Major Projects Engineer (Temporarily Divisions 7-9)Jim Martin, PE
                    Western Transportation Engineer (Divisions 10-14)Aaron Williams, PE
                    Eastern Transportation Engineer (Divisions 1-8)- Vacant -
                    Pavement & Materials Engineer (Temporarily Divisions 1-6)James (Jim) B. Phillips, PE
                    Asset Management Program ManagerWilliam (Will) Beatty
                    Transportation SpecialistTammy Richards
                    Structural EngineerWendy McAbee, PE
               Planning & Program Development LeaderGeorge Hoops, PE
                    Planning & Environment Specialist (Non-Merger Projects: Divisions 10-12)Loretta Barren
                    Planning & Environment Specialist (Non-Merger Projects: Divisions 1, 2, & 4)William (Bill) G. Marley III
                    Planning & Environment Engineer (Non-Merger Projects: Divisions 3, 6, & 8)Ron Lucas
                    Air Quality, Planning, & Environment Engineer (Non-Merger Projects: Division 5)Edward (Eddie) Dancausse
                    Congestion/ITS Management, Planning, & Environment Engineer (Non-Merger Projects: Divisions 7 & 9)Joe Geigle
                    Planning & Environment Specialist (Non-Merger Projects: Divisions 13-14)- Vacant -

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