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INTEGRATED MOBILITY DIVISION (Public Transportation and Bike/Ped)
RALEIGH NC 27699-1550

1 South Wilmington Street (Delivery)
Transportation Building, 5th Floor
Raleigh, NC 27601
FAX: (919)733-1391, (919)715-4421
Courier: 1550 MSC
     Division Email Addressesctptransportation@ncdot.gov; Bikeped_transportation@ncdot.gov
     Director -- Interim Ryan Brumfield
          Multi-Modal Transportation Special Projects EngineerStephanie Sudano, PE
          Administrative SpecialistFaye T. McCullen
          Information and Communication Specialist IIR. Harris Kay
     Deputy Director -- Finance and Compliance- Vacant -
          Compliance OfficerBeth Gay
          Business OfficerMyra S. Freeman
               Accounting Specialist Western RegionCassandra D. Wilson
               Accounting Specialist Eastern RegionKatie Dunn
               Account Specialist Central Region- Vacant -
               Accounting Specialist TempInger Bautista
          Procurement Supervisor- Vacant -
               Procurement SpecialistChris Dodson
     Deputy Director, Planning and ProgrammingJohn Vine-Hodge
          Western Planning SupervisorPam DiGiovanni, Interim
               PlannerBryan Lopez
               PlannerBernard Clark
               PlannerKenetta McLean
          Eastern Planning Supervisor - Vacant -
               Planner- Vacant -
               PlannerTony Sumter
               PlannerAlexius Farris
          Statewide Programming SupervisorJoseph Furstenberg, Interim
               Program CoordinatorLaToya Caldwell
               Grants CoordinatorCarolyn Freitag
               Contracts and Planning OfficerBlair Chambers
     Innovation and Data EngineerRyan Brumfield
          Safety and Education SupervisorKevin Edwards, Interim
               Eastern Safety OfficerEartle McNeill
               Western Safety OfficerRoss Dragon
               Safety Officer, TempShirley Mikkelsen
          HBCU Innovation Fellow-Vacant-
          Administrative SpecialistJo Ann Greene
          Program CoordinatorEd Johnson

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