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INTEGRATED MOBILITY DIVISION (Public Transportation and Bike/Ped)
RALEIGH NC 27699-1550

1 South Wilmington Street (Delivery)
Transportation Building, 5th Floor
Raleigh, NC 27601
FAX: (919)733-1391, (919)715-4421
Courier: 1550 MSC
     Division Email AddressesBikeped_transportation@ncdot.gov | completestreets@ncdot.gov | ctptransportation@ncdot.gov
     DirectorRyan Brumfield
          Administrative SpecialistJo Ann Jones Greene
          Administrative SpecialistFaye T. McCullen
          Multi-Modal Transportation Special Projects EngineerStephanie Sudano, PE
          Senior Transportation AdvisorBlair Chambers
          Information and Communication Specialist IIR. Harris Kay
     Deputy Director -- Finance and Compliance- Vacant -
          Business OfficerMyra S. Freeman
               Accountant ICassandra D. Wilson
               Accounting Specialist Eastern Region-Vacant-
               Accounting Specialist Central RegionKatie Dunn
               Accounting Specialist Temp- Vacant -
               Accounting Specialist Temp-Vacant-
          Safety, Education, and Compliance ManagerKevin Edwards
               Compliance OfficerBeth Gay
               Eastern Safety OfficerEartle McNeill
               Western Safety Officer- Vacant -
               Safety Officer TempShirley Mikkelsen
          Grant Administration ManagerPam DiGiovanni
               Grant CoordinatorCarolyn Freitag
               Procurement SpecialistChris Dodson
               Transportation Program Consultant IIKenetta M. Spence
               Transportation Program Consultant- Vacant -
               Transportation Program Consultant IIBernard Clark
               Transportation Program Consultant- Vacant -
               Transportation Program Consultant- Vacant -
     Deputy Director -- Planning and ProgrammingJohn Vine-Hodge
          Regional Planning ManagerBryan Lopez
               Transportation Planner IAlexius A Farris
               Transportation Planner ITony Sumter
               Transportation Planner IINicholas (Nick) E Morrison
               Transportation Planner- Vacant -
          Statewide Planning and Programming ManagerJoseph Furstenberg
               Program CoordinatorEdward Johnson
               Program CoordinatorLaToya Caldwell
               Transportation PlannerHart Evans
               Intern (Complete Streets)- Vacant -
     Deputy Director for Innovations and DataSarah E. Searcy
          HBCU Innovation Fellow- Vacant -
          Transportation Consultant Temp- Vacant -
          Intern (Data)- Vacant -

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