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Materials & Tests Unit
RALEIGH NC 27699-1563

1801 Blue Ridge Road (Delivery)
Raleigh, NC 27607

FAX: (919)733-8742
Courier: 1563MSC
     State Materials EngineerTodd W. Whittington, PE
          Administrative Officer IILinda F. Jones
               Administrative Specialist IWendy H. Wall
               Stockroom ManagerLaTrena Smith
                    Administrative Associate IIChris B Malone
     State Laboratory Operations ManagerBrian J. Hunter, PE
          Analytics and AccreditationTim A. Bollinger
          Central Laboratory Operations EngineerMehdi Haeri
               Administrative Specialist ITerri Johnson
               Central Laboratories 
          Regional Laboratory Operations EngineerDavid Dunn
               Regional Laboratories 
          Product Evaluation Program 
     State Field Operations ManagerMatt R Hilderbran, PE
          Data Collection and Investigations Engineer- Vacant -
               Data Collection & Investigations 
          Manufactured Products EngineerW. Cabell Garbee, PE
               Manufactured Products 
          Quality Systems EngineerSam J Frederick
               Quality Systems 
          State Pavement Design EngineerClark S Morrison, PhD, PE
               Pavement Design 

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