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Materials & Tests Unit
RALEIGH NC 27699-1563

1801 Blue Ridge Road (Delivery)
Raleigh, NC 27607

FAX: (919)733-8742
Courier: 1563MSC
     State Materials EngineerTodd W. Whittington, PE
          Administrative Officer IILinda F. Jones
               Administrative Specialist IWendy H. Wall
               Stockroom Manager-Vacant-
                    Administrative Associate IIChris B Malone
     State Laboratory Operations ManagerBrian J. Hunter, PE
          Analytics and AccreditationTim A. Bollinger
          Central Laboratory Operations EngineerMehdi Haeri
               Administrative Specialist ITerri Johnson
               Central Laboratories 
          Regional Laboratory Operations EngineerJohnny A Hammonds
               Regional Laboratories 
          Product Evaluation Program 
     State Field Operations ManagerMatt R Hilderbran, PE
          Data Collection and Investigations EngineerJoseph D Barbour, PE
               Data Collection & Investigations 
          Manufactured Products EngineerW. Cabell Garbee, PE
               Manufactured Products 
          Quality Systems EngineerSam J Frederick
               Quality Systems 
          State Pavement Design Engineer- Vacant -
               Pavement Design 

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