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Operations Program Management
4809 Beryl Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27606
FAX: (919)733-1838
Courier: 1567MSC
     Operations Program ManagerRandy Finger, PE, CPM
          Staff Engineer - Vacant -
          Administrative AssistantKatrina (Tray-c) Mosley
          HPMS, GIS, and Mobile Operations Section 
               HGMO SupervisorFaith Johnson, EI, GISP
                    GIS AnalystJacob Mouw
                    GIS AnalystDavid Christie
                    GIS AnalystDavid Dailey
          Assessments Section 
               Assessment Engineer SupervisorJoshua Vaughan, PE
                    Assessment Technician SupportRichard (Ricky) A. Ellington
                    Area Assessment Coordinator- Vacant -
                    Area Assessment Coordinator- Vacant -
                    Area Assessment Coordinator- Vacant -
          Mapping Section 
               Mapping Section SupervisorMike Herrmann
                    Office Assistant IVJoAnn Shepherd
                    Engineering SpecialistElaine Oleson
                    Engineering SpecialistRon Nealy
                    Engineer TechnicianBrian Goodman
                    Engineer TechnicianJonathan Broome
                    Engineer Technician SupportTerry Norris
                    GIS AnalystAndrew D. Bryson
          Road Inventory Section 
               Road Inventory EngineerJohn Davis
                    Engineering Specialist IRonald Tucker
                    Engineering Technician IIISamuel Feldstein
                    Engineering Technician III (Research/Reporting)Getaneh Admasu
                    Engineering Technician I- Vacant -
                    Engineering Technician I (Temp)- Vacant -
                    GIS Analyst (Contractor)Ryan Shaffer
                    GIS Technician (Contractor)- Vacant -
                    GIS Technician (Contractor)- Vacant -
          Maintenance Systems ManagerRaymond C, Honbarrier, PE
               Pavement Management Section 
                    Pavement Management Engineer SupervisorCamille R. Coombes
                         Pavement Management System Engineer- Vacant -
                         Business System AnalystDavid Milloway
                         Pavement Management Systems TechnicianMichael Wall
               Maintenance Management Section 
                    Maintenance Management Engineer SupervisorSam Eddy, EI
                         Maintenance Management Engineer- Vacant -
                         Maintenance Management Technical Support Engineer- Vacant -
                         Maintenance Management Technical Support Engineer- Vacant -

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