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Communications Office
RALEIGH NC 27699-1503

1 South Wilmington Street (Delivery)
Raleigh NC 27601

FAX: (919)733-9980
Courier: 1503MSC
     Chief Communications OfficerCarly S. Olexik
          Acting Deputy Director of Marketing and CommunicationsTammy P. Stewart
               Assistant Director of Communications for ModesJamie B. Kritzer
                    Communications Officer (Office of Civil Rights)Athena V. Stanfield
                    Communications Officer (Aviation, Div. 9 & 12)Marcus E. Thompson
                    Communications Officer (Ferry & Div. 1)Tim D. Hass
                    Communications Officer (GHSP)Julia Casadonte
                    Web Content CoordinatorAmanda VanDerBroek
                    Web Content CoordinatorDavid Exum
               Assistant Director of Communications for Highways and Division 5- Vacant -
                    Communications Officer- Vacant -
                    Communications Officer/Supervisor (Div. 2, 3, and Eastern)Lauren Haviland
                         Communications Officer (Div 4, 6, and Mobility & Safety)Andrew Barksdale
                    Communications Officer/Supervisor (Triad)Aaron Moody
                    Communications Officer (Western N.C.)David Uchiyama
                    Communications Officer (Charlotte)Jen Thompson
                    Communications Officer (Bike & Ped/Public Transit/Roadside Environmental)Harris Kay
          Communications Officer (NCTA)Logen L Hodges
          DMV Communications ManagerMarty R. Homan
               Communications Officer (DMV)John Brockwell
               Communications Officer (DMV and Public Records)Kelse D. Edwards
          Special Projects Coordinator Blake King
          Intern - Vacant -
          Assistant Director of Marketing- Vacant -
               Marketing/Communications Officer (Rail & Social Media Manager)- Vacant -
                    Social Media CoordinatorAaron Schoonmaker
                    VideographerAl Inman
                    VideographerSteven V. Puglia
          Graphic Designer ManagerBilly Barrier
               Graphic DesignerLindsay Demonch
          PhotographerKaty Warner
          Events PlannerSazia Bashar
          Public Records ManagerMeredith Vick

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