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Purchasing Section
RALEIGH NC 27699-1510

1 South Wilmington (Delivery)
Transportation Building
Raleigh, NC 27601
MAIN: (919)707-2620
FAX: (919)733-8743
Courier: 1510MSC
     Procurement Director
        Room 334
Joni S Robbins
          Deputy Director ProcurementRyan Longmire
          Administrative Specialist II
             Room 334
- Vacant -
          Procurement Manager
             Room 332B
- Vacant -
          Procurement Manager
             Room 332
- Vacant -
          Program Analyst II
             Room 330
- Vacant -
          Procurement Specialist III
             Room 418
Chris Andresen
          Procurement Specialist III
             Room 320
Mike Beaver
          Procurement Specialist III
             Room 325
Samantha L. Bryant
          Procurement Specialist III
             Room 320
Roy A Clark
          Procurement Specialist IIISteven Hussey
          Procurement Specialist II
             Room 420
Lyndsey K Campbell
          Procurement Specialist IIBoyce Haywood
          Contract Specialist IIRich Reber
          Contract Specialist IINicholas Edwards
          Contract Specialist II
             Room 324
Jo Priestley
          Purchasing Specialist II
             Room 330B
Desmond McCleese
          Procurement Specialist ITyra Burt

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