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Structures Management Unit
RALEIGH, NC 27699-1581
(919)707-6400 - MAIN
FAX: (919)250-4082
Courier: 1581MSC
     State Structures EngineerBrian Hanks, PE
          Staff EngineerDoug Cantrell, PE
          Administrative Specialist IILindsey McLamb
          Administrative Associate II - Vacant -
          Business Officer IIMelissa Flores
          Business Officer ISavannah L. Batten
     Assistant State Structures Engineer - Inspections, Policy Development & Working Drawing Review & PermitsGichuru Muchane, PE
          Staff EngineerMike Allen, PE
          Project Engineer - Policy Development- Vacant -
               Team Leader - Design & Construction- Vacant -
                    Engineer IIIAshvin Patel, PE
                    Engineer IIBabakhan Barodawala
                    Engineer IIAhmad A. Ighwair, PE
                    Engineer I- Vacant -
               Engineering Supervisor IIINick Pierce, PE
                    Engineer IIISamuel N. Megahed
                    Engineer IIAsa Y. Godfrey, PE
                    Engineer I- Vacant -
                    Engineer IJames Hawk
               Team Leader - Bus. Sys. Analyst IICary Clemmons
                    Bus. Sys. Analyst IXin Jiang
                    Engineer IMac Gudlaugsson
                    Bus. Sys. Analyst ITimothy J. Barrera
          Project Engineer - Working Drawing /PermitsJames Bolden, PE
               Team LeaderEmmanuel Omile, PE
                    Engineer III- Vacant -
                    Engineer IIIFazal Khaja
                    Engineer IIRong Dean, PE
                    Engineer IIMohammed A Razzaq, PE
                    Engineer ITyler M. Stogner
                    Engineer IDaniel Pillar
               Team LeaderMadonna Rorie, PE
                    Engineer IIISherry McEntire, PE
                    Engineer IIWilliam D Reams
                    Engineer IIBertin Bembala
                    Engineer IITaha Nasiruddin
                    Engineer I- Vacant -
     Assistant State Structures Engineer - PEF Coordination, Program Management & Field Ops.Trey Carroll
          Staff Engineer – Preservation & RepairTim Sherrill, PE
          Project Engineer - PEF/Program Mgt.David Stutts, PE
               Team Leader - Project Mgt/PS&EHoang T. Dieu, PE
                    Engineer IIIJeremy McCartha, PE
                    Engineer IIISherry Sockwell
                    Engineer IIIJoelle Adams
                    Engineer IIILonnie Brooks
                    Engineer IIMohammadsalim G. Shaikh
                    Engineer IIDustin A. Demery
               Team Leader - PEF CoordinationTierre Peterson, PE
                    Engineer IIIJacquelyn K. Bowles, PE
                    Engineer IIITracy Averette, PE
                    Engineer IINariman M Obias
                    Engineer IIHiral Desai
                    Engineer I- Vacant -
          Project Engineer - Field Operations Divisions 1-7Kristy Alford, PE
               Team Leader Korey Newton, PE
                    Engineer IIDouglas Shackelford, PE
                    Engineer IIIWilliam C. Smith
                    Engineer IPaul D. Bryant, PE
                    Engineer I 
                    Engineering Specialist IStefan T. Sandor
               Team LeaderFrancesca Lea, PE
                    Engineer IIIZiaullah Malik, PE
                    Engineer IIEskedar A. Bayissa
                    Engineer IThuyquynh (Quynh) Nguyen
                    Engineer INathan S. Hart
                    Engineering Specialist I- Vacant -
               Team LeaderAster Abraha, PE
                    Engineer IIISteven Wance, PE
                    Engineer IIMohammed Ahmed
                    Engineer IGlen Ayes, PE
                    Engineer I-Vacant-
                    Engineering Technician II-Vacant-
          Project Engineer - Field Operations Divisions 8-14Adam Cole, PE
               Team LeaderKrishna Sedai, PE
                    Engineer IIIKanak Purohit, PE
                    Engineer IIAmph Sorsenginh
                    Engineer ICarlo Ruiz, PE
                    Engineer IEskedar Bayissa
                    Engineering Specialist ITimothy S. Parrish
               Team LeaderBrandon Green, PE
                    Engineer III- Vacant -
                    Engineer IIAsra Yasmeen, PE
                    Engineer I-Vacant-
                    Engineer IRon Saha
                    Engineer IZan W. Maung
               Team Leader - Vacant -
                    Engineer IIIJeffery Tillman
                    Engineer IIGholamreza Koucheki
                    Engineer IEric Cabbell, PE
                    Engineer ISandra B. Aguilar-Hernandez
                    Engineering Technician IIHerbert R. Stradley
     Project Engineer-Inspections & SI&ADavid Snoke, PE
          Team Leader - Electrical- Vacant -
               Electronics Technician II - Division 1
                  1740 Prison Camp Rd.
                  Williamston, NC 27892
                  CS# 10-80-01
Marcus A. Williams
                    Electronics Technician I - Division 1Donald Manning
               Electronics Technician II - Division 2
                  255 S. Glenburnie Rd.
                  New Bern, NC 28560
                  CS# 16-60-04
Jermaine Taylor
                    Electronics Technician I - Division 2Zachary J. Trudgeon
               Electronics Technician II - Division 3
                  25 Old River Road
                  Leland, NC 28451
                  CS# 04-11-03
John Lange
                    Electronics Technician I - Division 3Eric Britt
          Structure, Inventory, and AppraisalJoel B Russell
               Team Leader - Divisions 1-8- Vacant -
                    Engineering Technician IJoshua I. Scott
                    Engineering Technician IShahnaz Lotfi
                    Engineering Technician I - Vacant -
                    Engineering AssistantMark Howard
               Team Leader - Divisions 9 – 14 Ronnie Brannan
                    Engineering Technician IChristopher J. Scott
                    Engineering Technician I- Vacant -
                    Engineering Assistant-VACANT-
                    Engineering AssistantLori A. Strickland
          Inspection State Supervisor
             1406 Raleigh Rd.
             Lexington, NC 27292
Brian Hedrick
               Area Supervisor - EastMatthew Y. Walker
                    Field Inspections - East 
               Area Supervisor - Central- Vacant -
                    Field Inspections - Central 
               Area Supervisor - West- Vacant -
                    Field Inspections - West 
               Underwater Inspection SupervisorBilly Mueller
                    Underwater Inspections 
               Special Inspection SupervisorJeremy R. White
                    Special Inspections 

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