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Contractor Utilization, Certification & Compliance Section
     DBE Certification Manager
        MSC #1511
Benny F. Sloan, EI
          DBE Administrative SpecialistLatega Powell
          DBE Administrative SpecialistPandora O. Broadwater
          Lead DBE Certification Officer
             Office Location – Matthews, NC
Elizabeth Cruz
          DBE Certification Officer- Vacant -
          DBE Certification OfficerBonnie J. Robinson
     Utilization & Compliance Section 
          Utilization & Compliance ManagerBenny F. Sloan, EI
          DBE Compliance Officer East
             Divisions 1-5
Rodney Renix
          DBE Compliance Officer Central
             Divisions 6-9
Reginald McNeill
          DBE Compliance Officer West
             Divisions 10-14
Valisha Y Wallace
          Contractor Compliance OfficerJuan C. Conde
          Contractor Compliance Officer- Vacant -
          Compliance Program OfficerJorgelia Nino
          Utilization Technician- Vacant -

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