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Utilities Unit
1555 Mail Service Center (Mail)
Raleigh, NC 27699-1555
1020 Birch Ridge Drive (Delivery)
Raleigh, NC 27610
MAIN: (919) 707-6690
FAX: (919)250-4151
Courier: 1555
     State Utilities ManagerCarl Barclay, PE
          Administrative Specialist IYolanda G. Cooper
          Temporary Solutions EmployeeCathy Harris
          Business OfficerBarry Whitaker
          Special Projects CoordinatorDavid Boyd
          Office Assistant IVKathy Allen
          Senior Design Build CoordinatorTodd Lapham
               Design Build CoordinatorJohn J. Cuff
                    Western Utilities Manager (Div. 10-14)Byron Sanders, PE
                         Regional Utility Coordinator (Western Region)Amy G. Dupree
                              Senior Utility CoordinatorStephen G. Sealy
                              Utility CoordinatorSteve C. Trexler
                              Utility CoordinatorSunil C. Singh
                         Regional Utilities EngineerMichael Bright
                         Senior Utilities EngineerDonald E. Hampton
                         Senior Utilities EngineerJong-Tae Yoon, PE
                    Central Utilities Manager (Div. 5,7-9)Tucker Martin, PE
                         Regional Utility Coordinator (Central Region)C. Dayton Martin, III
                              Special Projects CoordinatorO'Hara Parker
                              Senior Utility CoordinatorTanga N Sampson
                              Utility CoordinatorJon E Gaillard
                              Utility CoordinatorArlene Harper
                         Regional Utilities EngineerAli Koucheki, PE
                         Senior Utilities EngineerBernard Bumgarner
                         Senior Utilities EngineerJon Loughry
                         Senior Utilities EngineerGreg Stevens, PE
                    Eastern Utilities Manager (Div. 1-4,6)Bo Hemphill, PE
                         Regional Utility Coordinator (Eastern Region)Kyle Pleasant
                              Senior Utility CoordinatorLarry M. James, Jr.
                              Utility Coordinator- Vacant -
                         Regional Utilities EngineerNabil Hamdan
                         Senior Utilities EngineerKifah Kamil
                         Utilities Engineer- Vacant -
                         Senior Utilities EngineerKelvin Martin
          Encroachments Engineering Section 
               State Encroachment EngineerLarry D Sanders, PE
                    Administrative AssistantPat Puryear
                    Senior Encroachments EngineerVang Moua
                         Encroachments Engineer- Vacant -
                         Encroachments Engineer- Vacant -
                     Encroachment Review Engineer Michael S. Brandt
                    Encroachment Review EngineerDavid B. Hill
                    Embedded Encroachments EngineerDanny H. Puryear
                    Temporary Encroachment EngineerVacant
                    Special Project CoordinatorJohn D. Stewart
                    Special Project CoordinatorDavid K. West

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