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Water - Other


How Received: Material Receipt
Metric / English: E
Facility Type:
Default Auth. Lab: Chemical Lab
Project Certification: Non-Critical
MSG Responsibility: Chemical Lab
Local Administered Project: N

Methods of Acceptance

Pretest: REQ
Sample/Test: OPT
Approved List: N/A
Visual Inspection: N/A
Catalog Cut: N/A
Certification: N/A
Small Quantity: N
Small Quantity Comment:
Other Reports: Water used in cement stabilization must meet the requirements of Section 1024-4.


M&T 913 Report (Steel): N
Certification Types:

Frequency / Additional Info

Sample Frequency
Test CategorySample FrequencySampling ResponsibilityTesting Responsibility
Acceptance999999.000Project PersonnelM&T Lab
One Sample Per [Sample Frequency] UOM

Local Administered Project Exceptions

LAP Exception Description: N/A