Charlotte's Successful Light Rail Line Continues to Thrive Friday, November 8, 2013



CHARLOTTE – The LYNX Blue Line in Charlotte is a popular, effective transportation option for people who live and work in and around the Queen City. Since opening in 2007, the 9.3 mile rail line has served more than 15,000 passengers daily, taking citizens to jobs, education, and sporting events. Now, the Blue Line Extension will add 9 miles to the system, expanding the state’s first light rail corridor from Center City to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


The N.C. Department of Transportation joined federal and local partners at the July 18 groundbreaking ceremony to mark the kickoff of the $1.1 billion project. NCDOT contributed $299 million to help make the project a reality. While crews are busy building the BLE, the department will be communicating with planners and engineers to coordinate concurrent projects in the corridor, like the replacement of two bridges on U.S. 29 over Mallard Creek.


Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of the Blue Line.

The Blue Line expansion is scheduled for completion in 2017, with ridership on the 18-mile corridor projected to average 51,000 people per day by 2035. This reliable transit option will offer another choice for citizens to access other parts of Charlotte for work, play, school, or just to ride the rails.


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