NCDOT Monitoring Forecast, Prepared to Respond to Potential Winter Weather Friday, February 15, 2013

RALEIGH – With the potential for winter weather in Saturday’s forecast, the N.C. Department of Transportation is preparing its crews and equipment to respond quickly to any ice or snow on North Carolina roads and bridges.

Because the storm is predicted to begin as rain in most areas Saturday afternoon, NCDOT did not pretreat the roads in most parts of the state with a salt-water mixture called brine. The rain would wash the brine off the pavement, eliminating any benefit and wasting resources.

Crews across the state will be on alert Saturday – ready to respond if snow begins accumulating Saturday evening. They have attached plows and spreaders to their trucks, and topped off their fuel tanks to ensure they are prepared.

NCDOT has produced several videos explaining how maintenance crews gear up for winter weather months in advance, how they determine when to use salt and sand, and how they decide which roads to clear first. These videos and many others are available on the NCDOT YouTube page.

Because most North Carolina motorists rarely drive in wintry conditions, here are a few safety tips to remember if you encounter snow or ice:

·         Slow down;

·         Bridges and overpasses freeze first;

·         Put down the cell phone and focus on the road;

·         Use only gentle pressure on both the accelerator and the brakes to avoid skidding; and

·         Give other motorists plenty of room in case you or other drivers begin to slide.

Check conditions before you go. Motorists can access real-time information about changing road conditions across the state in a number of ways:

·         Call 511, the department’s toll-free travel information line;

·         Visit NCDOT’s travel webpage to see live traffic camera images and access road conditions by region, route or county;

·         Use NCDOT Mobile, the mobile version of the department’s website, to know before you go about road conditions. Just type “” into your smartphone’s browser;

·         “Like” NCDOT on Facebook; and

·         Follow one of NCDOT’s many Twitter feeds.


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