2013: Resolve to Share the Ride - Register to find carpool or vanpool matches at www.sharetheridenc.org Friday, January 11, 2013

RALEIGH — What resolution did you make this year? Lose weight? Eat better? Save money? Spend more time with family and friends? It’s time to add a new resolution to your list for 2013. This year, resolve to share the ride.

Congestion is becoming a reality as more people move to North Carolina. Carpooling and vanpooling are two of several alternatives commuters have to driving their personal cars. By joining a carpool or vanpool, commuters can save money and reduce stress, as well as remove vehicles from the road. That, in turn, reduces congestion, harmful emissions and wear and tear on the roads.

SharetheRideNC is a free, statewide, commuter-matching program for drivers interested in joining or starting a carpool or vanpool. Drivers who register online at www.ShareTheRideNC.org input their commute information and instantly receive a list of other drivers who have similar or matching commutes.

Last year, 1,558 people registered for the commuter-matching program, bringing the number of commuters registered statewide to 11,200. Approximately 7,000 searches were made for carpools and vanpools in the system.

In addition to finding carpool and vanpool matches, users in the Triad and Triangle can also sign up for the Emergency Ride Home program, which provides people who use an alternative commute with a reliable ride home in the event of an emergency.

The N.C. Department of Transportation initially provided funding to develop www.ShareTheRideNC.org in 2005 and continues to support the program. The database is administered by Triangle Transit, the provider of regional bus and ridesharing services in the Triangle region.

The NCDOT Public Transportation Division awards grant funds to local public transportation systems. These grants enable systems to provide people in all 100 counties access to education, job opportunities and health care.

For more information on grant programs through the Public Transportation Division of NCDOT, as well as transit systems that serve the public throughout the state, visit www.ncdot.gov/nctransit.

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