Paving Begins on N.C. 12 in Dare County Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RALEIGH – Paving is now under way along a 0.4-mile section of N.C. 12 at the S-Curves just north of Rodanthe on Pea Island. The pavement on this portion of the highway was damaged during Hurricane Sandy and two Nor’easters.


Paving on this section will consist of three layers, with crews hauling the asphalt in from a plant in Williamston. They are putting down the first layer today. Weather permitting, crews will add a second, thinner layer tomorrow. Once the second layer is complete, they will paint lines on the road and make sure the edge of the pavement has a gradual slope – not a sharp drop off – to ensure driver safety.


When the work is complete, the N.C. Department of Transportation will remove the checkpoints and reopen N.C. 12 to all vehicles. NCDOT still expects this will occur on or by Dec. 25.


Crews will continue filling sandbags and rebuilding the dunes between the ocean and N.C. 12 after the road reopens. Once this work is complete, the final layer of asphalt will be put in place.


Until the highway reopens, four-wheel drive vehicles must continue to pass through checkpoints at the temporary bridge on Pea Island and at Mirlo Beach to travel between Hatteras Island and the mainland.


More information on N.C. 12 recovery efforts is available on our N.C. 12 Recovery webpage and N.C. 12 Facebook page. For the latest details on the emergency ferry route, as well as schedules for our regular ferry routes, call 1-800-BY-FERRY and press “1,” or visit the NCDOT Ferry page.


In addition, a new webpage that showcases projects along N.C. 12 from the replacement of the Bonner Bridge to short- and long-term solutions for the breaches caused by Hurricane Irene last year is now live at


(Editor’s Note: Media interested in covering rebuilding efforts are asked to contact the NCDOT Communications Office at (919) 707-2660 before heading to the construction area. This will help our staff know when to expect you. Also, please make sure you are outfitted with proper safety attire, including a neon reflective safety vest, a hard hat and sturdy footwear. They are essential to keeping you safe and visible to the crews operating heavy equipment in windy and often rainy conditions.)



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