$2.6 Million Contract Awarded to Replace U.S. 401 Bridge at Hoke-Scotland County Line Friday, November 30, 2012

RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Transportation has awarded a $2.6 million contract for a new bridge on U.S. 401 over the Lumber River at the Hoke-Scotland County line near Wagram. The Tara Group of Lumberton was awarded the contract to replace the 64-year-old structure. It is considered functionally obsolete, which means while it is safe, it was not built to current design standards and is unable to properly handle the volume of traffic it now carries.

A temporary bridge will be built parallel to the current bridge to handle traffic during the construction so drivers won’t have to deal with a detour.

Work on the project can begin as early as Dec. 31, with the new bridge in place by Nov. 15, 2014. Additional planting and vegetation work can take until May 14, 2015.

This is one of 22 contracts totaling $67.1 million awarded by Secretary Conti in November for highway and bridge projects across North Carolina. NCDOT awarded the contracts to the lowest bidders, as required by state law. The bids received on the projects awarded came in about 6.2 percent, or $4.5 million, below NCDOT estimates.

Since Gov. Bev Perdue took office in January of 2009, NCDOT has awarded 749 highway contracts totaling $5.1 billion to ensure that all North Carolinians have access to jobs and educational opportunities. Gov. Perdue continues to support immediate jobs in the construction sector and the goal of ensuring that our transportation network facilitates access to jobs, education and healthcare for the future.

For more information about funding for infrastructure improvements in North Carolina, as well as other NCDOT projects and activities, visit www.ncdot.gov.

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