Division of Aviation Awards $272,886 to Richmond County Airport for Runway, Taxiway Improvements Monday, October 15, 2012

RALEIGH — As part of the N.C. Department of Transportation’s ongoing commitment to improving aviation in North Carolina, the N.C. Division of Aviation awarded $272,886 in Federal Block Grant funds to Richmond County Airport in Rockingham for a runway and taxiway improvement project.

This project will bring the airport into compliance with Federal Aviation Administration guidelines to provide for an extended runway safety area at the end of the runway in case of an aircraft emergency overrun. It also will extend the existing parallel taxiway to the full length of the runway in order to meet FAA safety guidelines for instrument approaches in bad weather.

These funds came from $25,216,288 Federal Aviation Administration block grant that the Division of Aviation received at the end of September 2011. The DOA programmed this grant out into multiple sub grants to general aviation airports across the state for a variety of capital improvement projects.

Richmond County Airport is a general aviation facility that has an approximate $2.6 million a year cumulative impact on North Carolina and supports about 10 jobs, based on a 2012 statewide economic impact study.

Since Gov. Bev Perdue took office in 2009, the Division of Aviation has awarded more than $150 million in funding to state airports. These funds enable airports across the state to provide improvements that support economic development and job opportunities.

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