Fall Season Brings Increased Risk of Crashes Between Vehicles, Pedestrians Thursday, October 11, 2012

RALEIGH — The fall season in North Carolina brings cooler weather, shorter days – and a higher risk of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles than at any other time of year. In the month of October alone, an average of 240 people are struck by cars across the state annually. Click here to view detailed crash information by county.

With days growing shorter and the school year in full swing, now is a critical time to be vigilant and do your part as a pedestrian or a motorist to prevent accidents from happening.

Here are tips to be safe from the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Watch for Me NC pedestrian safety campaign.


  • Watch for people crossing the street near bus stops and school buses. More than half of all pedestrian-vehicle crashes in the Triangle occur near bus stops or on roads with bus routes.
  • Watch for people walking at night.
  • Watch for people when you are making a turn.
  • Pay attention in parking lots – check your rearview mirror to make sure no one is walking behind you.
  • Yield to people in crosswalks.


  • Cross the street safely on your way to or from the bus stop.
  • At night, wear light clothing and reflective gear and carry a flashlight if possible.
  • Watch for drivers who are turning, even if you have the walk signal - they may not see you.
  • Pay attention in parking lots – look for brake lights to indicate a driver is backing up.
  • Be predictable – cross at the nearest crosswalk or intersection.

To learn more about pedestrian safety, visit the Watch for Me NC campaign website.  


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