NCDOT Ferry Crew Receives Commendation for Rescue Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HATTERAS – The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Ferry Division crew onboard the Motor Vessel Hatteras, a double-ender River Class ferry, assisted with a water rescue Wed., Aug. 15 in Hatteras Inlet.

According to Hatteras Operations Manager Hal Scarborough, crew member J.D. Austin spotted a man in the water waving his arms at approximately 4:40 p.m. Captain W.E. Goodwin sounded the “man overboard” signal and the rescue boat was launched, with senior deckhand D.E. Carter supervising the davit system and crew members J.D. Baum and J.D. Austin manning the rescue boat. Engineer T.H. Willis and Oiler R.G. Boyce were on deck as line handlers and provided crowd control.

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Photo from Theresa Gray, Ferry Crewmember II, Hatteras Operations, who was on another ferry and took this picture of the MV Hatteras crew launching the rescue boat

At 4:47 p.m., the rescue boat reached the man in the water, who at that time had made it on to a shoal and was standing up in shallow water. He explained that the boat he was in with two others had broken loose during a thunderstorm from where they had tied it and drifted away. His two companions were in duck blinds further up the shoal. Having been informed by Captain Goodwin of the situation, the U.S. Coast Guard arrived and the ferry crew relinquished the rescue of the three, loaded the rescue boat back onboard and continued on the route to Ocracoke at 5 p.m.

Letters of commendation have been written to all crewmembers involved, including Captain Goodwin, Engineer Willis, Oiler Boyce, Senior Deckhand Carter, Vessel Security Officer J.D. Baum and Ordinary Seaman J.D. Austin. Ferry crewmembers are required to train weekly doing rescue boat drills. Captain Goodwin said, “The crew did an outstanding job due to our continuous drilling and training.”

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Hatteras ferry crew who assisted with water rescue in front of the rescue boat onboard the MV Hatteras.
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