$2.3 million contract awarded for bridge preservation work on I-440 and U.S. 64 in Wake County Wednesday, May 09, 2012

RALEIGH — A $2.3 million N.C. Department of Transportation contract has been awarded for preservation work on bridges on I-440 and U.S. 64. American Contracting & Services Inc. of Jeffersonville, Indiana was awarded the contract as the low bidder on the project, as required by state law.

The contract calls for work on the east and westbound I-440 bridges over Atlantic Ave and CSX Railroad tracks, and the east and westbound bridges on U.S. 64 over I-440 on the east side of Raleigh.

The work will include the removal of deteriorated deck surface concrete and rebar corrosion from the bridges by hydrodemolition, the use of high-powered water jets. That will be followed by the placement of latex-modified concrete on the bridge deck. It reduces infiltration of water and salt below the surface, extending the life of the pavement longer than regular concrete, and improving the ride quality for motorists. It is also sets and hardens faster, allowing for a quicker re-opening of the bridge than typical concrete, which is important on heavily-traveled roads such as I-440 and U.S. 64. There will also be some substructure repairs.

This type of project is a way to extend the life of a bridge, and is done at a cost significantly lower than continually repairing or even replacing the bridge. All four of these bridges were built in the early 1960’s.

This is part of the NCDOT’s $430 million bridge plan for 2011-12, which calls for preservation, repairs or replacement of 450 bridges statewide.

Work on the project can start as early as June 1, and is expected to be finished by March 31, 2013. That will be in time for both highways to serve as alternate routes for traffic that may be diverting from a large I-40/I-440 rehabilitation project scheduled to start next year. 

Because of the heavy use of these roads, all work will be done at night, as the contractor is not allowed to close or narrow travel lanes on U.S. 64 or in the initial phase of the work on I-440 between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, and between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Sunday. During the second phase of work on I-440, when traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction, work can’t start until 11 p.m., seven days of the week.

This is one of among 24 contracts worth $117.6 million awarded by Transportation Secretary Gene Conti for highway and bridge projects across North Carolina. NCDOT awarded the contracts to the lowest bidders. The bids received on the projects awarded came in about 17.5 percent, or $25 million, below NCDOT estimates.

Since Gov. Bev Perdue took office in January of 2009, NCDOT has awarded 599 highway contracts totaling $4.2 billion to ensure that all North Carolinians have access to jobs and educational opportunities.

For more information about funding for infrastructure improvements in North Carolina, as well as other NCDOT projects and activities, visit www.ncdot.gov.

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