TIMS Lets Motorists Check Road, Weather Conditions Monday, February 16, 2015

RALEIGH — The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Traveler Information Management System (TIMS) lets commuters check road and weather conditions in real-time from their computers and smartphones any time, anywhere. The goal of TIMS is to help drivers “know before you go.”

TIMS lets users search conditions by region, route and county. TIMS also offers live traffic cameras that show real-time images, and gives up-to-the-minute updates on incidents and adverse weather.

Visit tims.ncdot.gov/tims to get started. Select a region, route or county from the drop-down menus provided. The user will then have access to two tabs — incidents and adverse weather — and sometimes a third, traffic, depending on the area.

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Under the incident tab, there are three columns. The description column explains what the situation is. Descriptions include maintenance, construction, traffic and accidents.

Click on the description link for details on where the incident is, the reason for the incident and a timetable of when the incident will be completed.

The road column tells where the incident is taking place. The location column gives the specific mile marker and nearby roads so users can pinpoint the area they need to avoid.

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Under the adverse weather tab, there are five columns — county, interstates, routes, secondary roads and secondary unpaved roads. These tabs explain what the weather condition is like in the selected area.

For example, users can find out if the roads and highways are covered with snow and ice, or clear of inclement weather.

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In some areas, the traffic tab is available. This shows the user a map of the area and where traffic cameras are located. A user can click on a traffic camera to get a live look at the road.

NCDOT uses TIMS to update its many Twitter feeds.


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