Ferry Division & College of the Albemarle Team Up on Welding Internships Friday, March 09, 2018

Manns Harbor – An internship co-op program between the North Carolina Ferry Division and the College of the Albemarle’s Manteo campus will give welding students valuable real-world experience when it kicks off at the State Shipyard this summer.

Nine high school and college students toured the Shipyard with Ferry Division officials last week in advance of the internships, which are slated to begin in May and end in August.

The internship program came about when the Ferry Division recognized the need to bolster its workforce by recruiting skilled labor from the surrounding area. The College of the Albemarle’s Manteo campus was a natural fit.

“We appreciate this partnership and look forward to working with the students this summer,” said Ferry Division Deputy Director Jed Dixon. “It will give the students some valuable hands-on experience in the trade, and it will potentially give us a valuable local talent pool to fill our openings.”

Welding is the only trade involved in the first year of the program, but the Ferry Division and the College of the Albemarle hope to expand it in the coming years.


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(Caption: North Carolina Ferry Division Officials and College of the Albemarle students participating in a welding internship program tour the State Shipyard in Manns Harbor.)
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