Holiday Reminder on the Fortify Project Wednesday, November 22, 2017

RALEIGH - Lane closure restrictions went in place Tuesday morning, so no major work can take place until lane closures are allowed again next Tuesday night. That is when crews will continue opening the final traffic pattern on the eastbound side, weather permitting, heading toward the Cary end of the project.

On the plus side, before the lane restrictions started, crews were able to put reflective lane markers through the entirety of the eastbound side from US 1 to the eastern end of the project. And they did the same for most of the westbound side. So drivers at night should not have any issues with determining travel lanes.

Also on the To Do list as early as next week is improving the lane painting in locations where truck traffic may have made it tougher to see. Cold overnight temperatures kept the contractor from getting any of that painting done the past two weeks.

A holiday travel reminder is that although there may not be major activity under way during the lane closure restrictions, N.C. law still considers it a work zone, so the reduced speed limit of 60 m.p.h. remains in effect, and if you get caught speeding, you may be contending with the extra $250 fine for a work zone violation.

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