Weather Conditions Slowing Progress on Eastbound Side of Fortify Thursday, November 09, 2017

RALEIGH - Mother Nature is not cooperating, so progress on opening more of the eastbound side of I-40 into the final traffic pattern is slowing a bit. Crews can't pave or do lane striping in rainy or wet conditions, or in cold temperatures. That being said, the contractor still has a goal of having that final pattern in place from the bridge at Trailwood all the way to the eastern end of the project before the Thanksgiving shutdown. And they also hope to have the eastbound on and off ramps in the southwest corner of the Hammond Road exit in their final pattern.

A holiday keep from interfering with travel over the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend, any project work that requires a lane closure goes on hold from the Tuesday morning before the holiday until the following Tuesday night at 9. There will still be work happening, but it will be behind the barrier walls and barrels.

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