Overnight Ramp Closures Continue on I-40 West for Fortify Work Wednesday, October 18, 2017

RALEIGH - The overnight ramp closures on westbound I-40 will continue at South Saunders and Rock Quarry into sometime next week, as we smooth out the transition from the final surface of the main travel lanes and the ramps. For both roads, a short detour in place sends drivers to the next exit, where they can turn around and head back on I-40 East to the exit they want.

Look for the final transition to the permanent traffic pattern to be extended on I-40 East back to State Street. And to get ready to open to the final pattern in the next few weeks along the eastbound lanes, concrete barriers now in place will be swapped out for orange barrels from Hammond Road back to Trailwood Road over several nights next week. Crews will also be putting in the lane markings on those lanes behind the barrels to get them ready to open up.

And more work is coming in the next few weeks to get the auxiliary lane open from the US 1 exit on I-40 East to the Gorman Street exit (it will allow drivers going from US 1 to Gorman to stay in that lane the whole way and avoid getting in the main travel lanes.

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