8/24/2016 8:33:13 AM I-40 East Exit at Gorman St. Reopended mOnday morning
Raleigh – Ramp work wrapped up on time over the weekend and the Interstate 40 East exit at Gorman Street in the Fortify construction zone in Raleigh reopened in time for Monday morning rush hour. The exit had been closed since about 6...
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8/19/2016 6:28:58 PM Latest Traffic Shift for I-40 Fortify Project Now in Place
Raleigh – Drivers on westbound I-40 in Raleigh have another new stretch of interstate to travel on, as overnight on Saturday three inside lanes were opened up in the Fortify work zone from the I-40/440 split in southeast Raleigh to Rock...
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7/12/2016 6:04:54 AM Third Shift to New Inside Lanes for I-40 Fortify Project Completed Tuesday Morning
Raleigh – The latest shift to newly-built inside lanes on the Fortify I-40 project wrapped up Tuesday morning. The shift covers about a half mile on I-40 West in southeast Raleigh. Vehicles in the two lanes that enter the project work zone...
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6/20/2016 9:00:18 AM Traffic Shift for Section of Westbound Lanes of I-40 Fortify Project In Place
Raleigh -  A shift onto newly built inside westbound lanes of the Fortify I-40 rebuild project took place early Monday morning. The shift puts about two miles of I-40 West traffic onto three new lanes from west of Lake Wheeler Road (Exit...
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5/16/2016 8:37:59 AM Major Milestone Reached in I-40 Fortify Project; First Shifts Onto Rebuilt Lanes Take Place
RALEIGH – A major step in the Fortify I-40 rebuild project took place Monday night as construction crews opened three newly rebuilt lanes on about a 2-mile stretch of I-40 East near Gorman Street (Exit 295) in Raleigh. The milestone...
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3/22/2016 9:52:31 AM Lake Wheeler Ramp for I-40 West Closing Overnight Wednesday for Paving Work
RALEIGH – Crews working the Fortify I-40 rebuild project will close the Lake Wheeler ramp to I-40 West at midnight Wednesday, March 23. The closure is needed so crews can safely make pavement repairs and improvements on the...
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2/17/2016 2:41:38 PM Overnight Ramp and Lane Closures for Pavement Improvements on I-40 in Fortify Work Zone
RALEIGH – Warmer overnight weather means construction crews for the I-40 Fortify project are able to work on asphalt overlay and repair work over at least the next two nights. At 9 p.m. Wednesday, crews will close lanes on I-40 West...
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12/18/2015 2:42:23 PM Concrete Walls Now Set for I-40 Fortify Project
RALEIGH – Construction crews for the I-40 Fortify project were able to complete the re-setting of the concrete barrier walls along the travel lanes on both the east and westbound sides of the work zone this week. That was the final step to...
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12/11/2015 2:06:22 PM Milestone Reached for I-40 Fortify Project
RALEIGH – A significant milestone was reached this week for the I-40 section of the Fortify project in Raleigh. Crews on Thursday night completed the final lane shift for eastbound lanes near the U.S. 1/64 interchange, putting the...
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12/4/2015 2:06:08 PM Look for More Lane Shifts in I-40 Fortify Work Zone
RALEIGH – With a break in the recent rain, contractor crews might soon have final lane shifts in place on the I-40 section of the Fortify project and could begin working to preserve the crumbling roadway from further damage caused by...
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