6/6/2017 3:59:24 PM Securing Your Load Secures Your Safety on North Carolina Highways
RALEIGH — Governor Roy Cooper has proclaimed June 6 as Secure Your Load Day, reminding motorists to take the time to reduce the risk of crashes, injuries or even death by firmly securing the items they carry in and on their vehicles and...
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6/2/2017 2:49:58 PM North Carolina Drivers to Be Surveyed on Seat Belt Usage in June
RALEIGH — Surveyors contracted through the Institute for Transportation Research and Education will be in select North Carolina counties throughout the month of June observing and recording seat belt usage by drivers and...
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5/22/2017 2:31:48 AM Click It or Ticket Campaign is Underway
RALEIGH – As summer kicks off and families hit the road for vacations, the N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program is reminding motorists to Click It or Ticket. Aimed at enforcing seat belt use to help keep you and your family safe, the...
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5/18/2017 6:38:38 PM North Carolinians Encouraged to Buckle Up in Every Seat, Every Time
RALEIGH – Governor Roy Cooper has proclaimed May as Seat Belt Safety Awareness Month to remind motorists and their passengers about the importance of buckling up in every seat, every time.  In 2016, 42 percent of automobile fatalities...
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5/1/2017 3:00:02 PM Share the Road With Motorcycles
RALEIGH – In an effort to reduce the increase in motorcycle fatalities on North Carolina roadways, Governor Roy Cooper has proclaimed May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The N.C Governor’s Highway Safety Program and BikeSafe North...
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4/13/2017 1:08:10 PM State Officials Launch Campaign to Reduce Speed-Related Traffic Fatalities
RALEIGH – Speeding on roadways has become one of the most dangerous traffic-related issues in North Carolina. In 2016, speeding was the cause of 369 fatalities and 18,956 crashes. The North Carolina Governor's Highway Safety Program...
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4/4/2017 4:00:21 PM North Carolina Reminds Motorists One Text or Call Could Wreck It All
RALEIGH – The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program has launched its annual One Text or Call Could Wreck It All campaign to encourage motorists to not drive distracted. The campaign reminds those behind the wheel of a vehicle...
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4/3/2017 4:25:37 PM Drive Smart, Do Your Part to Save Lives in Roadway Work Zones
Drive Smart, Do Your Part to Save Lives in Roadway Work Zones National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 3-7 RALEIGH – Warmer weather means that drivers will see more transportation workers on the state’s roads and highways as a new...
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3/16/2017 4:18:59 PM There is No Such Thing as a Lucky Charm if You Drink and Drive
RALEIGH – St. Patrick’s Day has become one of the nation’s biggest times to celebrate and party. But unfortunately, too many people are taking to the roads after drinking alcohol, making the holiday also one of our most dangerous. The...
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1/23/2017 10:59:01 AM N.C. Official Named to National Child Passenger Safety Board
RALEIGH – The N.C. Governor’s Highway Safety Program is proud to announce the appointment Bob Stevens to the National Child Passenger Safety Board. Stevens is the state’s Law Enforcement Liaison for the Governor’s Highway Safety Program...
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