Disclaimer/Privacy Notice  
  NCDOT has designed this 'Contact Us' application to track correspondences between North Carolina citizens and NCDOT Subject Matter Experts (SME).

To ensure better service to the citizens who post questions or comments to this application, we ask that citizens give us some personal information, such as their name and email address. The only reason NCDOT asks for an email address is to be able to send a notification that a Subject Matter Expert (SME) has responded to their comment.

This personal information is not, however, required. All correspondences are tracked through a randomly assigned, five digit, alphanumeric Tracking Number, and therefore can be accessed and checked without using any personnal information.

If you choose to submit your comment anonomously, you will not receive an email notification that your comment has been replied to. In this situation it becomes your responsiblity to check the application periodically to see if a response has been posted.

NOTE: Under State law, any information submitted to NCDOT on this website is public information. Should any person or business seek such information gathered by this site, NCDOT is required by state law to provide it to the requesting party. NCDOT regrets that it cannot offer a higher degree of privacy. However, NCDOT does pledge never to sell or actively seek to give away such information, nor will it use the information to solicit you for any purpose. NCDOT may aggregate demographic information in order to improve site content.